Neue Palette

10.08.23 - 01.10.23

Gianni Lee

The Naughton Gallery presents Neue Palette, a solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Gianni Lee (b.1986) whose creative prowess spans the realms of fashion, fine art, and music. Based between New York and Los Angeles, Lee's artistic expressions demonstrate a masterful command of diverse media – including painting, drawing, and photography – pushing beyond conventional boundaries and immersing viewers in a world where innovation knows no limits. Lee’s work is shown both in galleries and on the streets, often incorporating his signature skeletal graffiti figures or focusing on alien-like subjects to confront the challenges of our time, with a particular focus on the technological, political, social, and racial climate in the United States. 

Neue Palette delves into the profound deconstruction of the artist's creative process, transcending the conventional focus on the artworks themselves and instead placing an earnest spotlight on the intricate journey that paves the way for any form of artistic creation. Contemplating the notion of completion becomes paramount – how can artists truly deem their creations complete? – as we explore the very genesis of inspiration that sets an artist on their artistic journey. The exhibited works share a common thread, each taking shape from a singular idea only to undergo an enthralling metamorphosis. The works can be considered an embodiment of artistic growth and evolution, serving as a thought-provoking contemplation on the essence of creativity. 

At the heart of Lee's artistic vision lies an unyielding passion for the futuristic. His compositions transport viewers to a realm where the lines between reality and imagination blur, inviting them to reimagine the world through the lens of boundless possibilities. With an unwavering focus on the intersection of art and technology, Lee crafts a visual language that challenges conventional limitations. Within his transformative works, post-apocalyptic and futuristic landscapes unfold, blending seamlessly with his intricate compositions to create a truly immersive experience. 

Lee's artistic journey has garnered international acclaim, with his innovative installations leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Paris, London, Bulgaria, and his beloved New York City. As the esteemed Artist-in-Residence at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, he has showcased his transformative vision, sparking conversations and inspiring audiences with his thought-provoking exhibitions. Lee previously exhibited at the Naughton Gallery in the group show Sorry, Neither (2021), an exploration of Afrofuturism and Black futurity within contemporary art and pop culture. Neue Palette is Lee’s first solo exhibition outside of the United States.


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