Ballerinas, Polar Bears, and Perhaps a Prince

08.06.23 - 06.08.23

James Humbert Craig / Thomas Faed / Morris Harding / Paul Henry / Bernard de Hoog / Hans Iten / Georgina Moutray Kyle / John Lavery / John Luke / Charles J. McAuley / Sophia Rosamond Praeger / Dorothea Sharp / Sidney Smith

Historic Works from the Queen's University Belfast
Art Collection, 1620–1950

The Queen’s University Belfast Art Collection dates back to the foundation of Queen’s College in 1845, with art having always played a significant role in the cultural fabric of the University. From the Naughton Gallery’s international programme of exhibitions to the impressive hang of over fifty portraits in the Lanyon Building’s Great Hall, art is on display across the campus. Comprising gifts, bequests, commissions, and purchases, a range of media is represented in the Collection; paintings, prints, works on paper, sculpture, furniture, metalwork, and silver, from the historic to the contemporary.

In October 2022 the Naughton Gallery celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the launch of NGXX, an international group exhibition which celebrated contemporary art today. Our anniversary year now concludes by embracing history and heritage, with Ballerinas, Polar Bears, and Perhaps a Prince showcasing key historical works from the Collection dating from 1620 to 1950. Featuring established names in both Irish and international art history including Thomas Faed, Bernard de Hoog, Georgina Moutray Kyle, John Luke, John Lavery, and Sophia Rosamond Praeger, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see these fascinating works of art hanging together in the same space.


For more information on the Queen’s University Belfast Art Collection visit www.naughtongallery.org

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