17.09.20 - 31.01.21

Carly Jean Andrews / Jamie Beard / Laura Callaghan / Hannah Casey-Brogan / Faith Couch / Buck Ellison / Lelanie Foster / Daniel Hare / Danny Ische-Knoblauch / Patrick Kyle / Sheena Liam Yue Sheen 粘悦馨 / Myles Loftin / Fiona McDonnell / Sarah Maple / Carlyle Nuera / John Rainey / Walter Scott / Manjit Thapp / Adrian Tomine / Connor Willumsen / Bianca Xunise / Melek Zertal

When life gives you lemons…

The Naughton Gallery proudly presents Lemonade Stand, an unmissable exhibition for those interested in what’s happening in contemporary art today.  Featuring over twenty artists from across the globe working in painting, drawing, video, sculpture, textiles, illustration, comics, fashion design and beyond, the exhibition showcases a new generation of local and international talent at the forefront of the contemporary artistic moment.

Welcoming back artists from our exhibition archive, celebrating local talent, and bringing the work of others to Northern Ireland for the very first time, Lemonade Stand has been developed at a time rife with racial tensions, polarising politics, economic inequities, and an unprecedented global pandemic.

Our lemonade is equal parts bitter and sweet, tackling urgent issues concerning COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, also featuring splashes of gender politics, institutional critique, and queer theory with a twist of country music, contemporary cinema, and the iconic Barbie doll. We hope it challenges perceptions, sparks conversation, promotes diversity, and quenches your thirst.

Image: Faith Couch, from the series Then I remembered the most radical thing Black people can do – continue to love each other. (2020)

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Join the Naughton Gallery team for a guided tour of Lemonade Stand every Wednesday and Friday, 1pm–2pm.  Tours are strictly for a maximum of six participants, who are asked to wear face coverings for the duration of their visit, unless this is not possible due to health reasons.  Your tour guide will be wearing a protective visor.

Tours are free but prior booking is essential. 

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