SCREEN/PRINT illustration


Featuring cult classics, blockbusters, and beloved personal favourites, SCREEN/PRINT is a film project developed by the Naughton Gallery in collaboration with UsFolk illustration agency and the Queen's Film Theatre.

Drawing on Belfast's prolific illustration scene, the Gallery invites a selection of illustrators to design new posters for films which have inspired or influenced their practices to coincide with a special screening of the film.

Free limited edition poster for all attendees. 

Illustration by Thomas Bannon

Call Me By Your Name
Selected by Mel Carroll
Sun 24 Feb 19
Queen's Film Theatre

Duck Soup
Selected by David McMillan
Sun 27 Jan 19
Queen's Film Theatre

Mean Girls
Selected by Holly Pereira
Sat 24 Nov 18
Queen's Film Theatre

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Selected by Sean O'Connor
Wed 19 Sept 18
Queen's Film Theatre

I, Tonya
Selected by Katie Skelly
Sun 17 Jun 18
Queen's Film Theatre

Selected by Stephen Maurice Graham
Sat 26 May 18
Queen's Film Theatre

Ping Pong
selected by Sharon Ross
Sun 18 Mar 18
Queen's Film Theatre

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion 
selected by Jamie Baird
Sat 20 Jan 18
Queen's Film Theatre

Spirited Away
selected by Fiona McDonnell
Thu 09 Nov 17
Council Chamber, Lanyon Building

Ghost World
selected by Jacky Sheridan
Mon 28 Aug 17
Council Chamber, Lanyon Building


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