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Coffee. Art. Conversation.


The Naughton Gallery presents a monthly series of conversations between selected artists, curators and guests in the early hours of the day at a variety of Belfast’s finest coffee establishments. Sample Belfast’s burgeoning coffee scene, meet an international array of artists, and talk about great art! 

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All welcome. Coffee and conversation are free.


Illustration by Thomas Bannon



With Andrew White
Sat 8 Jun 2024
10AM - 11AM



With Ingrid Hess
Sat 20 Apr 2024

With Carlyle Nuera
Sat 13 Jan 2024

With Faith Couch
Thu 26 Oct 2023

With special guests from NGXX
Fri 14 Oct 2022

With Walter Scott
Fri 19 Aug 2022

With Laura Callaghan
Fri 06 Dec 2019

With Jamie Beard, Rosie McGinn and Adam Wilson Holmes
Fri 11 Oct 2019

With Katie Skelly
Fri 09 Aug 2019

With Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish
Fri 15 Feb 2018

With Brock Williams and Chris Lin
Fri 19 Oct 2018

With Aidan Koch
Fri 20 Apr 2018

With Amanda Turner Pohan and Rachel Steinberg
Fri 16 Feb 2018

With Laura Callaghan, Penelope Gazin, and Fiona McDonnell
Fri 13 Oct 2017

With Michael Hanna and Jacqueline Holt
Fri 22 Sep 2017

With Adham Faramawy
Fri 11 Aug 2017

With Ryan Fitzgibbon (Hello Mr.)
Fri 02 Jun 2017

With Riikka Hyvönen, and Felicia Pennant (SEASON zine)
Fri 07 Apr 2017

With Michael Hanna
Fri 03 Mar 2017

With Amanda Coogan
Fri 03 Feb 2017

With Locky Morris
Fri 09 Dec 2016

With Sarah Maple, Nicky Minus, and Gina Wyndbrandt
Fri 14 Oct 2016

With Adam Murray and Theo Simpson
Fri 19 Aug 2016

With Fionnuala Doran
Fri 29 Jul 2016

With Keiler Roberts
Fri 24 Jun 2016


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