Gary Shaw
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Crown (2009)

by Gary Shaw

Shaw’s deceptively simple compositions, using fields of pure colour, create intricate patterns that seem almost to vibrate. This work was made as part of his solo show at the Naughton in 2010, where he took the theories of a 17th century Dominican friar as his starting point.

Sébastien Truchet (1657-1729) developed theories using a single tile that could be rotated in the four main directions. Truchet’s tiling designs have become traditional applications for interiors, marquetry and the backs of playing cards and, more recently, chaos theories and software applications have been based on the random plane coverage that he identified.

Born in England and raised in Australia, Gary Shaw came to Belfast in 1997. He has had studios in Belfast and Berlin, contributing to the vibrant art scenes in both cities. He is currently making work using a drone as a mediator to his mark-making.


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