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Terry McAllister


22 October


20 December 



The Naughton Gallery is delighted to be hosting McAllister's first solo exhibition in his native city in almost five years. It will showcase the most recent examples of a body of work that operates in that space of resonance between a postminimalist sensibility and a tight, resolutely representational art. In McAllister's work neither modernism nor the artist's presence are wholly denied.

The paintings and drawings work with the highly aesthetic resolution of the abstract/mimetic tension, in the vein of artists such as Whistler or Paul Henry; his use of the familiar but effective device of repetition is what introduces a reference to minimalism and to concerns surrounding uniqueness, authorship and originality. What impresses is not so much McAllister's undoubted skill as his obsessiveness. His aesthetic detachment holds up craft, beauty, labour and patience as bereft of given value but persistent to the point of inevitability.

The exhibition runs from 22nd October to 20th December 2015