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John Stewart Bell, image: Peter Menzel

Action at a Distance: the life and legacy of John Stewart Bell

5 - 30 November 


One of the most influential scientists of the twentieth century, this Queen’s graduate formulated a theorem which physicists, philosophers and historians now consider to be one of the most significant developments in quantum theory. His proof of non-locality - that a measurement of particle A would instantaneously affect particle B, even if they were a vast distance apart - revolutionised the understanding of both quantum theory and the nature of the physical universe.

On the 50th anniversary of the publication of Bell’s theorem, this unique exhibition explores his life and the artistic response to his legacy by artists from across the world.

Richard Bell (Australia)
Geraldine Cox (UK)
Oliver Jeffers (USA)
Rory Jeffers (Northern Ireland)
Jonathon Keats (USA)
Kevin Kopacka (Germany)
Lucy McKenna (Ireland)
Philip Mussen (Northern Ireland)

Featuring Nick Herbert's Bell's Theorem Blues performed by BC Blues Trio


Presented in association with the School of Mathematics and Physics

Exhibition continues until 3O November


A series of Lectures has been organised in conjunction with the exhibition, please click on the link to register: 

- A Whitaker (QUB): John Bell and Belfast, Friday 7 November

- M O'Neill (QUB): Security in a Post-Quantum World, Wednesday 12 November

- M Paternostro (QUB): Quantumness in a Classical World?,Friday 14 November

- A Ekert (Oxford): Less Reality, More Security, Wednesday 19 November

- A Zeilinger (Vienna): From Bell to Quantum Communication and Quantum Teleportation, Friday 21 November

Please note that all the Lectures will start at 6.30pm and finish at 8pm. They will take place either in the Bell Lecture Theatre (Physics Building) or in the Emeleus Lecture Theatre on campus.